EU Environmental Risk Assessment *Webinar*
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Started on 2021-11-18 1h 30min

Webinar Description

Environmantal Risk Assessment is the essential part of the chemicals framework in the European Union. It is an essential part of the chemicals safety assesment process.

Environmental risk assessments (ERA) are typical tools for supporting decision making in the regulatory context, and cover all kinds of spatial situations, from local to worldwide assessments, under very different regulatory contexts.

The ECHA guidance offers default emission factors and a generic environmental fate scenario based on the previous TGD (Technical Guidance Document for Risk Assessment, see reference to biocides in the next section). It allows a generic predictive assessment based on the tonnage, use and operational conditions, standardised through a set of use descriptors, particularly the Environmental Release Categories (ERCs). ERCs are linked to conservative default release factors to be used as a starting point for a first tier environmental exposure assessment. The physical-chemical and fate properties of the substance are then used to predict the behaviour of the chemical in the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) (e.g. using the model SimpleTreat). The effect assessment is based on the estimation of the Predicted No Effect Concentration (PNEC).

The exposure is quantified as the Predicted Environmental Concentration (PEC). In the risk assessment characterisation, the PEC is compared to the PNEC through the Risk Characterisation Ratio (RCR=PEC/PNEC).


  • EU Environmental Risk Assessment – basics
  • Effects assessment
  • Environmental exposure assessment
  • Risk characterisation
  • Q&A

Who should attend

Companies / experts – interested in the EU environmental risk assessment.

PaedDr. Martin Murin, REACH expert

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