Disinfectants on EU Market “Webinar”

Started on 2021-11-04 90 minutes

To increase the manufacture and supply of disinfectants on the European market, ECHA is supporting EU/EEA authorities to apply derogations from the normal authorisation requirement for biocidal products.

Companies looking to quickly access the market with their disinfectants that contain an already approved active substance, can apply for permission to the relevant national authority by relying on Article 55(1) of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). This provision allows national authorities to give time-limited derogations from the standard product authorisation requirements in situations where there is a threat to public health.

Several EU/EEA countries have already granted such permissions to companies that have the capacity to manufacture disinfectants.

ECHA is also recommending certain compositional requirements for the two approved active substances, propan-1-ol and propan-2-ol, for their use in disinfectants. These recommendations will enable national authorities to swiftly check the quality of the incoming applications before deciding on a derogation.

The European Commission has also prepared a document about the measures that national authorities could use (or have already used) to permit the sale of disinfectant products and help to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.


  • Overview of EU regulation of biocidal products and critical legislative concepts for disinfectants
  • Authorisation of biocidal products and approval of their active substances
  • Transitional regime
  • Article 55(1) of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)

Who should attend

Anyone with a responsibility for and/or interest in placing biocidal products – disinfectants – on EU market including:

  • Producers and Importers into EU
  • EU and Non-EU companies
  • Presenter
    PaedDr. Alena Pilvanova, BPR expert

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